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Before even diving into the actual album, let it be known that Hood Star isn’t an official co-signed new studio album from Crooked I.  This entry is one from the vaults back at Death Row, renamed Tha Row, as they have ushered in new leadership, WIDEawake Entertainment, and have decided to release some old material. […]

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Ray J clowns the hell out of one of his homeboys as he goes shopping for jewelry and tells Shorty Mack to shop his own deal.  Keeping it real, he also talks about  his flunky days and once only being known as Brandy’s brother. “I hate it when people make it seem like you have […]

“You respect me, I respect you. If you don’t respect me then Fawk you!” When news hit the net that Lil Kim was subliminally dissing Nicki Minaj at a recent performance there were naysayers that downplayed the incident where she threw off one of her trademark wigs and stated  “I’m above this.” Now the Queen […]

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Brandy and Ray J’s illegitimate brother Danyelle “C-Dove” Brown took his DNA test this weekend to prove once and for all that Big Willie Norwood is indeed his father. Brandy and Ray J’s mother Sonja has already made her feelings known that she doesn’t acknowledge him although Ray has met his big brother before. According […]

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Big Willie Norwood is being called out once again by his alleged illegitimate son Danyelle “C-Dove” Brown.  According to C-Dove, he wants to take a DNA test and even introduces his kids to their “Grandpa” via video. According to C-Dove’s Myspace page, he was born May 6, 1975, at University of Chicago, Lying In Hospital […]

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The Norwood family made an appearance on the Today Show Wednesday speaking on their new VH1 reality show “Family Business.” Brandy and Ray-J appeared alongside their parents for a brief interview with Today’s Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb. When Kotb asked Brandy why she thought it’d be a good idea for her family to have […]

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“Did he offer to pay for you?  If not then he’s a sucka, what kind of man invites someone to the Grammys and doesn’t take care of the costs?” – Ray-J For those who didn’t catch the premiere of Brandy and Ray J’s new reality show on VH-1, Family Business, you didn’t miss much. The […]

“Drake isn’t on the album because they gave me the record and when it was time to clear the record, Universal was playing games.” “The industry killed the mix tape circuit. The industry really uses the mix tape circuit to test what record would hit. Before the internet got to the level it’s at now, […]


Ray J has come out to clear the air on the rumors being spread by his jilted former lover Danger from his show “For The Love of Ray-J.”  As Hip-Hop Wired previously reported, Danger claimed that Ray-J and a man with the same name as former G-Unit soldier Young Buck have had a long ongoing […]

“Just tell everybody.  You like package too.” Apparently, Monica “Danger” Leon has become quite tiresome of everyone looking at her as the girl that smashed the homies. After dealing with unnecessary promotion of her getting it in with Ray J’s friends, with shirts to match, along with a publicized pregnancy that ended up not even […]