The 1-833-4-TIPSONTIDAL Hotline will feature T-Pain answering fan-submitted questions about making it as an emerging artist and other insights into the music industry that he has at his disposal.

It seems like every other celebrity in Celebritiesville feels the need to weigh in on the Joe Rogan controversy ever since he was called out for all the racist s*** he’s said on his podcast. And T-Pain is apparently no exception.

Do y’all remember when singer/songwriter and producer T-Pain made an appearance on the Netflix docuseries This Is Pop and recalled how he was on a flight when he was woken up to meet with none other than R&B icon Usher on the plane only to have Usher tell him about how he “kinda f***ed up […]

T-Pain is known for sharing stories from his infamous studio sessions with other celebrities, but his latest story has fans calling out Travis Scott for disrespect. During his recent stream on Twitch, T-Pain talked about how Travis Scott ghosted him on planned sessions multiple times, before adding that when he did finally show up he and his team allegedly fell asleep.

When iconic producer and hitmaker, Teddy Riley, announced that he was up for the challenge of battling legendary crooner and fellow hitmaker Babyface–the internet exploded; but after creating the frenzy, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland announced to fans that they may have to wait just a little bit longer.

Twitter Doesn't Think T-Pain Stands A Chance Against Scott Storch. So they subbed Pain out for Mannie Fresh.

Quincy Jones spilled all of the tea during his infamous interview with Vulture earlier this year. The icon has since shown remorse for some of his words including things he said about T-Pain.

T-Pain made the news recently after reports flew in that he was arrested at Atlanta’s major airport for having a loaded gun in his baggage. The singer and Auto-Tune gawd hit back at critics and said that not only was he allowed to carry the guns legally, he didn’t leave his security detail in a […]

T-Pain has proven over the length of his career that he can make hits and doesn’t need the auto-tune gimmick to properly sing his face off. Tackling 2018’s huge hit in Ella Mai‘s “Boo’d Up” with a vocal remix, Tallahassee Pain has Twitter going crazy over his version.

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It’s been a hot minute since the Godfather of Auto-Tune has graced the airwaves with his digitally enhanced crooning that took the Hip-Hop & R&B world by storm.