The Gentleman’s Project

Being a creative isn’t about mastering some set of arbitrary skills to earn an academic degree, it’s all about taping into one’s innate ability to be, well, creative. That’s something that defines the Madbury Club to a tee. The collective of eight likeminded individuals — which includes Phillip T. Annand, Ellington Hammond, Bryan Stevenson, Marcus […]

Camera shy isn’t a term most would associate with someone who has spent the past 20 years in the public eye. But Sway Calloway has never been concerned with public recognition despite the high-profile nature of his job. The MTV News correspondent/executive producer is more focused on people knowing his work than his name. A […]

Ryan Leslie is a man of the people. He’s also a man of many talents. Grammy-nominated record producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur and child prodigy are just a few of the titles that the Washington, DC-native currently holds, which reflect both his diversity and creativity. Over the past several years he’s also quietly added tech […]

By definition personal style is a unique form of expression that’s different for every individual. While some rely on flash and flair to make a visual statement, others prefer subtly to make his or her mark in the eyes of their beholders. Then there’s Jarrell “DJ CEO” Greene, a fashion-forward turntable jock who falls somewhere […]

A storyteller’s role in society is one that dates back to beginning of man. However, the range that said title covers has evolved to include numerous subsects over time. One happens to be the comedian, someone that’s trusted to repackage the gamut of emotional occurrences called life into laughable banter. A select few individuals take this […]

Developing a brand people can believe in takes an unconscious effort. Tastemakers aren’t created by networking workshops or lengthy seminars that require a subscription fee. Influencers were lending their ideas to sway their respective culture long before the spotlight was cast upon them.