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A storyteller’s role in society is one that dates back to beginning of man. However, the range that said title covers has evolved to include numerous subsects over time. One happens to be the comedian, someone that’s trusted to repackage the gamut of emotional occurrences called life into laughable banter. A select few individuals take this to task, and even less are highly lauded for their abilities.

Enter Damien Lemon, a rising comic who’s born and bred in the most culturally infused environment the U.S. of A. has to offer — New York City. A comedian’s uniqueness lies in their ability to quickly observe and communicate their findings to a broader audience. Not only does Lemon do this at countless performances, but he’s also branding himself through appearances on televised programs like MTV’s Guy Code.

It’s Lemon’s unique occupation that made him the perfect candidate for The Gentleman’s Project, a collaborative feature with Hennessy Black themed around discovering something new, smooth and unexpected. The funny man’s unconsciously been soaking up culture his entire life, only to reinterpret it night in and night out to an audience who each have separate views on the topics he discusses. It takes more than run-of-the-mill luck to make a room ignite. It takes an understanding that very few can boast.

Hip-Hop Wired recently connected with Lemon to get an idea of how his NYC upbringing influences his craft, gentrification in the city, and how he takes in culture to effectively communicate it for a living. Consider this to be a gift from Hennessy Black and yours truly to you.  We simply intend to connect our readers with the hip trends, hot spots and individuals that are shaping our culture.

Interview by Raven Carter

Hip-Hop WiredWhat part or parts of New York City were you raised in?

Damien Lemon: Brooklyn and Westchester. Brownsville, Brooklyn and Ossining, NY. Yeah it was a little back and forth type of thing.

Hip-Hop Wired: So, what do you think of Brooklyn now?

Damien Lemon: Depends on what part. If you’re talking about. Brownsville, Brownsville is almost still the same. It’s not going to be gentrified at this point.

Hip-Hop Wired: Why not?

Damien Lemon: I mean they could.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired/Margarita Corporan/MMG

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