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Azealia Banks is not done barking at people. Her latest target, TDE signee Doechii, is the latest subject of Banks’ ire, and she had something to say to Banks.

The “212” rapper had time Doechii, taking to her favorite soapbox, her Instagram Stories, calling Doeichii the “ugly version” of her, and her tirade didn’t end there.

“They find this kind of like ugly version of—well, she’s not even a version,” Banks said. “She’s ugly. And I hate to call a dark skin girl ugly because she just is ugly. She’d be ugly if she were light skin. They find this ugly girl and they try to sic her on Azealia Banks.”

Banks then hopped in Doechii’s comments, writing in a post chiming in on a post where Doechii asked her fans what the name of her fanbase should be.

“Definitely should call them the ‘wannabe’s,” Banks wrote. Doechii had enough of Banks trolling, clapping back, “The first time you came for me, I let it slide outta respect for my elders,” she wrote. “It’s not my fault you sellin bussy soap and I’m sellin platinum records. Leave me alone PLEASE.”

Doechii is referring to her song “What It Is,” which is her first platinum record.

Is Doechii A Wannabe Azealia Banks?

Banks has been on one following the release of Doechii’s latest single, “Alter Ego,” featuring JT. The song features both of the artists performing over a house beat.

Some fans of Banks were quick to compare Doechii to Banks because of the song, but the Harlem rapper was not trying to hear it.

“Doechii, girl, first off, I don’t really think anyone thinks your music is impressive,” Banks said. “So that means you need to go back and you need to discover who you are as an artist.”

In a follow-up post, Banks sings a melody before adding, “I don’t know why everybody associates that sound with me because I don’t have any songs—I don’t have a single song that has that synth on it.”

Azealia Banks Had Time For TDE

Banks even had time for Doechii’s TDE labelmates, calling out Isaiah Rashad for “sucking d*ck” and calling SZA “boring,” adding, “TDE is going out f*cking sad.”

She also accused Doechii of talking with a fake Azealia Banks account.

You got this like Doechii chick, who I have no f*cking clue who she is,” Banks said. “She’s been having this months-long dialogue with some fake Azealia Banks account and I guess thinks that I owe her some sort of collab. Honey, no.”

We won’t hold you, but this Azealia Banks mean-girl act is really tired.

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