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Bank of America Feeling The Heat From Upset Customers

Source: Brandon Bell / Getty / Bank of America

One thing you don’t mess with is people’s money, and Bank of America is feeling the heat from some customers.

Wednesday, Jan.18, PIX 11 reports that some Bank of America customers are worried after noticing money was missing from their accounts and have taken to social media to voice their anger.

“Saw Bank of America was trending and turns out my account was impacted so happy Wednesday everyone,” one person tweeted.

“I am at the point of a collapse. where is my money?” another Twitter user said. 

ABC 7 Chicago reports that at least one person claims their entire bank account was “wiped clean.”

The Daily Mail says some customers are complaining about funds being missing from deposits and Zelle transactions and that customers calling Bank of America are not getting any answers from the financial institution.

Some customers are saying they got a message telling them “Zelle transactions made between Saturday and Tuesday would be delayed.”

The Zelle issue, according to Twitter user @YepItsZak, is also affecting Chase and other institutions.

The company has not issued a statement on its social media accounts addressing customers’ concerns. It has responded to one customer in a tweet:

“Hello. We noticed that we’re currently engaging via DM and will continue to connect with you there. ^justin.”

Currently, the financial institution is trending for the wrong reasons, with Twitter users trashing the bank and wondering why people are still banking with them.

“Y’all still using Bank of America after that overdraft class action and their predatory lending history? Porque?” one Twitter user wondered. 

Leave it to Twitter to find humor is some people’s pain. You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Brandon Bell / Getty

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