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Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings

Source: Loren Elliott / Getty

The Sacramento Kings have some explaining to do. Longtime Golden State Warriors fan, and Hip-Hop legend, E-40 was kicked out of his favorite team’s playoff game, and the rapper is saying racial bias is why he got booted.

There is footage of 40 Water, born Earl Stevens, talking to security before being escorted out of Saturday night’s (April 15) game.

Afterward, E-40 explained his side of story, and allegedly involved him addressing a heckler (a white woman), and potentially him being a Black man is what lead to him being asked to leave the venue, Golden 1 Center, in the 4th quarter of the game.

“On Saturday night, I was subjected to disrespectful heckling over the course of the Warriors-Kings game in Sacramento,” said E-40 in a statement. “During the fourth quarter, I finally turned around and addressed one heckler in an assertive but polite manner. Yet, shortly thereafter, Kings’ security approached me, assumed that I instigated the encounter and proceeded to kick me out of the arena.”

And from there, per 40, the Ops intervened. He added, “Unfortunately, it was yet another reminder that—despite my success and accolades as a musician and entrepreneur — racial bias remains prevalent. Security saw a disagreement between a Black man and a white woman and immediately assumed that I was at fault.

He continued, “I was absolutely humiliated by the Kings’ security team and I’m calling on the franchise to investigate the appalling conduct that transpired.”

Considering this is the first we have ever heard of E-40, a courtside staple at Golden State Warriors games, having a problem, you have to at least give him the benefit of a doubt. Balls in your court, Kings.

Social media observers are also calling out the jig, and you can see the reactions in the gallery, Twitter is standing with 40 Water. The Kings ended up winning Game 1 of the series.