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Close-up of an Akron city police vehicle

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Jayland Walker is the latest victim of a police-related shooting, and the event’s details are still developing. Walker was reportedly a DoorDash driver who was stopped for a traffic violation, but things went left when eight officers fired 90 shots and reportedly struck him 60 times.

Local outlet WKYC obtained details of the shooting including an autopsy of Walker’s body, confirming that he was indeed hit with several bullets after police fired over 90 shots following a traffic chase this past Monday (June 27) in Akron, Ohio. The excessive barrage of gunfire caught the ire and criticism of activists both on the ground and online, and it’s since come out that Walker was unarmed.

Police bodycam footage of the shooting has not been produced but is said to be forthcoming and officials in the city and surrounding areas are anticipating protests and backlash.

“Use of force cases are always ugly. This case is ugly times 10,” said one Akron police official to WKYC in an unofficial statement.

According to accounts from Akron police, they claimed they tried to stop Walker from leading the chase shortly after midnight over a traffic violation and equipment problem. Walker allegedly sped off and the chase was on. The authorities also claim Walker fired a gun toward them and sources say a gun was found inside Walker’s vehicle. Online, many say that Walker was unarmed but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Police added in their statements that they used tasers at first but then fired their service weapons after Walker reportedly made a move that sparked them to act. Of the eight officers on the scene, seven of them were white.

Online, many are demanding answers to why it took 90 shots to take down the 25-year-old Walker. The family of Walker and activists in Akron are also in seek of the truth and city officials have canceled holiday weekend events in anticipation of protests. Reports are coming out that the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave. The video footage is expected to be released shortly.

On Twitter, reactions to the shooting of Jayland Walker are underway. We’ve got them listed out below.

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