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Lil Yachty Reveals He Wrote City Girls' Hit "Act Up" Twitter Reacts

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Ghostwriting is nothing new in the music world, hell, for the most part, it puts on display how talented a singer/rapper/songwriter truly is. Case in point, Lil Yachty set twerking Twitter ablaze when he dropped the bomb that he wrote the City Girls’ hit record “Act Up.”

That’s right the Teenage Emotions rapper is the pen behind the raunchy lyrics. Speaking with Kerwin Frost Thursday, April 18., Yachty broke down how he wrote the entirety of “Act Up” for Quality Control teammates except for J.T.’s last verse.

“When it came out, people was so shocked, and they didn’t believe it. I wrote the whole song, except for J.T.’s last verse. But everything that everyone is singing, I wrote the whole thing.”

If you check the credits, J.T. is credited as a writer on the song but her fellow City Girl Caresha “Yung Miami” Brownlee is not but don’t think for a second her pen game is weak. She is most definitely credited for writing other tracks on their debut Girl Code.

Yachty also revealed in the interview that “Act Up” was the first time he wrote a song for someone either than himself. He told Frost that he was inspired by a friend to write the song and when it came to the inspiration behind the lyrics, states he “just thought like them.”

“I just thought like them. I know them personally, and I know what women like to hear, I was like, ‘What’s some raunchy sh*t?’ So before I went in the booth, I said, ‘No homo y’all.’ Because all my boys was in the room. And I started saying just crazy sh*t. But I came out, and I was like, ‘Y’all watch, this is about to blow up.’”

Yachty isn’t done lending his pen either, he also revealed that “Act Up” inspired him to do more writing and that there other songs coming down the pipeline soon. It’s clear he wants the world to know despite just wanting to be happy and have fun, he is quite serious about this rap game and has some skills. He’s got the hits to prove it.

“People always try to discredit me. So when I saw it, I realized how I get my credit a different way, I write sh*t all the time… I can think like other people. That was a real fun experience for me, and it was most fun when it leaked to the public. I spent a few days just reading people’s responses because I didn’t speak on it, I didn’t say anything.”

As you can imagine though Twitter was shocked to find out that Yachty was the voice behind their “favorite City Girl.” You can see all of the reactions below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty