DJ Paul, the famed producer behind Three Six Mafia and Da Mafia 6ix, continues to keep his name buzzing on the EDM scene along with an active social media presence. The KOM will turn heads tonight after he appears on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap show, where he’ll swap his fiancé with the wife of former […]

Columbus Short will not be coming back to ABC’s Scandal next season. The 31-year-old actor was fired from his gig at the top-rated drama series in wake of his personal problems with his wife.

Columbus Short is embroiled in a domestic violence situation that doesn’t seem to be causing him too much stress.  Right after TMZ outted his alleged murder/suicide plot, the 31-year-old Scandal actor tweeted out a flier promoting a club appearance in L.A. His timing was awkward.

Last night’s Scandal finale was definitely explosive, but not nearly as shocking as in seasons past. That said, at least a couple of people died, and two other characters ran away together [SPOILERS AHEAD!].

In a story that sounds like an episode of Scandal, actor Columbus Short’s wife is accusing him of threatening to kill her and himself, last week. Tuere Short kicked Columbus out of the house and has filed for divorce.

Somebody big has to die on Scandal, who should it be? Our pick is Quinn, but it’s not looking like that wish is going to be fulfilled.

What do you do when you’re married boyfriend is mistreating you and your fake boyfriend just wants to be saved? Call Huck and have him shut down B316.

Guess what? President Fitz still loves his wife, even though he probably won’t stop cheating on her.

Welp, last night (March 20) we found out who got clapped on Scandal. No huge surprise, but sad none the less. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Fans of ABC’s hit Marvel series Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. may have been bummed that show took a week off in favor of a studio-related TV special. However, fans of Marvel got several treats including first peeks at characters that might appear in the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron sequel and much more.

Jake Ballard is drunk with power, and nothing or no one –not Olivia Pope — will stop him. Last night we watched JB, and his black p-coast, do some real damage. [SPOILERS AHEAD.]

As is the case with just about every Scandal episode, sexual tension is ruining everything, and loyalty is a thing of the past. On last night’s (March 7) edition of our favorite political struggle drama, Olivia Pope kept up the fight against her feelings for President Fitzgerald, but were’ finally getting to see more of […]