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Others will treat you the way you teach them to treat you. This a lesson that a major network learned from not putting enough respect on their top performer’s name.

As spotted on Vulture Shonda Rhimes is planning to make boss moves in 2021 and beyond. In a recent interview with the The Hollywood Reporter the writer-producer will finally see the fruit of labor with regards to her new deal with Netflix. Three years ago the creative jumped ship from ABC to the streaming giant but it never made clear what prompted her to hit the eject button from what seemed to many as a super cozy situation.

But everything that glitters isn’t gold. Rhimes cites that the pressure of delivering great content for a network was at times unbearable. I felt like I was dying,” she explained. “Like I’d been pushing the same ball up the same hill in the exact same way for a really long time”. She went on to detail that it was a big wig at the company who threw some sorry not sorry shade at her that made her want to say “Ight Imma Head Out”.

As an ABC employee she is afforded a free pass to Disneyland (ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Co.) Back in 2017 she had her sister in town and planned to take her to the amusement park but had already given her extra to her nanny. She called an executive to request another and surprisingly she had tough time securing it (“We never do this” she was told). After getting the additional pass she was horrified to find out that when her family arrived at the park the passes did not work. Rather then trying to rectify the situation the unidentified suit responded “Don’t you have enough?” which made her furious. She in turn called her lawyer and demanded that they get her a deal at Netflix.

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