Legendary producer Timbaland is sharing insight on his amazing weight loss by getting real about the motivation.


Back in December of 2018, the World Health Organization was considering adding “gaming disorder” to its list of recognized illnesses, and now the organization officially has decided to go on ahead with the move. Could the Fortnite craze be to blame for all of this?


Vince Staples has only lived for a quarter of a century, but he’s already cemented his place as a cultural commentator along with his formidable musical contributions. Given that many artists of his generation rely heavily on alcohol and drugs to create and cope, Staples shared a perspective of living sober that was largely centered […]


It been a decade since Eminem has partaken in his former vices. The MC celebrated being clean with a toast to life on his Twitter account.


Former Major League Baseball star and reformed coke fiend Darryl Strawbery battled more than drugs during his playing days. The All-Star right fielder admitted to sex addiction in a new interview and said he would have romps with women in between innings.


Whatever you call the combination of promethazine and codeine laced prescription cough syrup–Lean, Drank, Purple Sprite–and a soft drink of choice, it’s use as a recreational drug has long been rampant. Whether you admit to it or not, it can be  easily be abused. One rapper in particular who’s been boasting about his bad habit […]


Seth Narley originally made a name for himself after appearing on A$AP Rocky’s “Grippin Woodgrain.”


Rev. Al Sharpton has spoken out about the untimely death of Rodney King. The 47-year-old, who was found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool Sunday (June 17) became known for the vicious LAPD beating that triggered the L.A Riots 20 years ago, but was perhaps never able to shake the demons likely brought […]