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Whatever you call the combination of promethazine and codeine laced prescription cough syrup–Lean, Drank, Purple Sprite–and a soft drink of choice, it’s use as a recreational drug has long been rampant. Whether you admit to it or not, it can be  easily be abused. One rapper in particular who’s been boasting about his bad habit of sipping on that lean is Chief Keef.

Lately, the Chicago rapper has been showing images of promethazine bottles and the ubiquitous styrofoam cups that drank users prefer on his Instagram. We got a feeling that Keef doesn’t have a particularly bad cough, though.

Although Lil Wayne contends that he suffers from epilepsy, many attribute his recent extended hospital stay to abuse of “Texas tea.” Soulja Boy, who makes a cameo on Sosa’s Instagram feed with a cup in hand, was recently spotted sharing many images of his heavy drank sipping as well. It looks like Keef went extra hood and occasionally sips it out of a baby bottle. Make sure your baby daughter KayKay who you’re shelling out that child support dough for stays away from those, buddy.

No matter your stance on grown men doing what they want to do, Keef is just 17-years-old with a gang of fans and followers that live to mimic his every move. That can be a dangerous thing.

Check out flicks of Chief Keef’s lean jones in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram

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