Rick Ross has become something of a larger than life figure in music and Hip-Hop culture, but a harrowing health scare put the boisterous rapper on the path to toning down his lavish lifestyle. The Miami rapper and Maybach Music Group honcho admits in a new interview with PEOPLE that his heavy codeine use sparked […]


Even with some very serious legal issues looming over his head it is still business as usual for Young Thug. His long teased project has finally been unveiled.


The Hip-Hop world is reeling at the moment that one of its most passionate mayors, A$AP Yams was pronounced dead earlier today at the young age of 26.


A Maryland man is most certainly going to have the worse Father’s Day of all-time after authorities are accusing him of killing his three-year-old son with a lethal mix of drugs.

Recreational drug use is all fun and games until someone is hurt, in trouble with the law or even much worse. Think, death. Hip-Hop’s unhealthy relationship with promethazine codeine or b.k.a. by its street name “lean,” has ruined and drastically altered the lives of many of its inhabitants, including those that proudly promote it.


This is bad news for anyone with a sizzurp aka lean problem (we’re looking at you, Soulja Boy and Chief Keef). Actavis has taken it powerful Promethazine Codeine cough syrup, the main ingredient in lean, off the market. 


A synthetic form of heroin made with mixing codeine with a kitchen sink variety of other substances popular in Russia and the Ukraine has made its way to American shores. The appearance of the injectable drug, “Krokodil” has been discovered by physicians who treated a patient suffering from a flesh-eating reaction to using the product.

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While it seems that Lil’ Wayne will continue to control the Hip-Hop spotlight, he is still very cautious about how much of his private life he gives to the public. Ironically, he is quite the open book when he links up with his journalist buddy, Katie Couric.

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At this point, we all know that sippin’ on codeine laced cough syrup isn’t exactly healthy, right? Apparently Soulja Boy, who made a request to acquire more promethazine for his well documented drank habit on Twitter, didn’t bother to read the memo.


Whatever you call the combination of promethazine and codeine laced prescription cough syrup–Lean, Drank, Purple Sprite–and a soft drink of choice, it’s use as a recreational drug has long been rampant. Whether you admit to it or not, it can be  easily be abused. One rapper in particular who’s been boasting about his bad habit […]

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What is going on in the Hip-Hop community and blatant drug use? In recent news, Soulja Boy and even Justin Bieber, allegedly, were spotted with a mystical cup of that “lean” in hand.

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Lil Wayne’s health is still shaky. The YMCMB rapper was admitted to the hospital for a suspected codeine overdose six days ago, and remains in the intensive care unit.