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Recreational drug use is all fun and games until someone is hurt, in trouble with the law or even much worse. Think, death. Hip-Hop’s unhealthy relationship with promethazine codeine or b.k.a. by its street name “lean,” has ruined and drastically altered the lives of many of its inhabitants, including those that proudly promote it.

Realizing the abuse of their otherwise successful product, drug maker Actavis decided to remove it from the marketplace indefinitely. Of course, this didn’t sit well with the likes of Soulja Boy but it was for the greater good of mankind.

It can be argued that it was the celebrity of Justin Bieber that prompted the move, most likely in the same vein Miley Cyrus made twerking an untapped phenomenon in white media outlets. The sizzurp culture has been around for decades but Bieber’s alleged association with it has prompted it to go mainstream, leaving everyone concerned all of a sudden.

Sadly, the move was soon enough as there have been numerous public figures who have taken the plunge because of their increased tolerance of the drug.

Hit the gallery as we have compiled 15 celebrities with codeine addiction that have led to various complications of this thing called life.

Photo: Instagram/Justin Bieber

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