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While Kehlani was receiving praise for the release of her highly anticipated album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, doing impressive numbers on the charts. While many fans were showing her love for making R&B history, Justin Bieber decided to chime in expecting praise before claiming he was the one who actually made history--and got dragged.


Well, this is just weird. Justin Bieber (25), who has been a married recluse lately has come out his lavish cave and has declared he wants to take on Tom Cruise in the octagon.

Justin Bieber

Things are getting more weirder by the week when it comes to Jaden Smith. He has added Justin Bieber as one of his boo thangs.

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Spotify, one of the many popular music streaming services vying for listeners’ attention, confirmed Wednesday that Canadian superstar Drake is its most streamed musical artist. The 6 God took out Justin Bieber from holding that top spot formerly and the music service is celebrating other high marks as well.

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Like it or not, Future soundalike and G.O.O.D. Music rapper Desiigner is a platinum artist (strictly talking singles). However, Justin Bieber shoved the Brooklyn 19-year-old was while he was performing his hit “Panda” in an NYC club.

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Justin Bieber may be too young to fully comprehend Prince’s impact, or maybe it’s time for him to get a history lesson. The Canadian singer made a boldly insensitive statement about the Purple One yesterday (April 21) and it didn’t win him any extra fans after the slander over his fraudulent dreadlocks.

The Who’s Who arrived in droves at the 2015 Video Music Awards. As customary, the red carpet fête separated the haute couture from the hot ass mess. From Rita Ora to Nicki Minaj to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, these stars showed out for one of the biggest award shows in music. Notable moments include […]

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Justin Bieber was allegedly put in a chokehold just before he was kicked out of Coachella on Sunday Night (April 12).

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A few ill-advised Paul Walker jokes during Comedy’s Central’s roasting of Justin Bieber has left Ludacris taken aback and the network offering up an explanation.

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Calvin Klein photoshop f*ckery aside, Justin Bieber is aiming to be taken seriously this year. Musically, at least.

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Poo Bear, the Grammy Award-winning R&B genius behind hits such as Chris Brown’s “She Ain’t You”, Usher’s classic Confessions album and much of Justin Bieber and 112’s mainstream success, is finally saving the good beats for himself and embarking on a solo career.

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One of the hottest songs of the year and the best video of the year in Big Sean’s “IDFWU” almost had an alternate reality had it been finished by Justin Bieber.