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The Hip-Hop world is reeling at the moment that one of its most passionate mayors, A$AP Yams was pronounced dead earlier today at the young age of 26.

While the A$AP Mob have all sent out their RIP tweets, no official cause of death has been announced just yet. Yams’ last tweet before he passed has led to immense speculation that the group’s founding member died from a drug overdose. Earlier this morning, Yams let out a tweet that read “BODEINE BRAZY,” a reference to codeine with the b’s replacing the c’s to indicate Blood gang affiliation.

A$AP Mob mover-and-shaker A$AP Ant immediately checked in with DJ Vlad to dispel rumors that are swirling that A$AP Yams died of a drug overdose in the wake of his unprecedented death.

“I just wanted to clear it up for real for real,” he explained. ” It ain’t no overdose. That’s not what it is.” “People keep talking saying he overdosed on Xanax and sh*t like that. No, that’s not what happened at all. I don’t want to speak on it and I’ll let people find out by themselves but it wasn’t that at all.”

An understandably passionate Ant immediately switched his emotions to anger about photo of a distraught A$AP Rocky at the hospital that has been making its rounds on social media.

“People gotta stop acting like b*tch-ass motherf*****g tabloids bloggers and sh*t like that,” he fumed. “Let the bloggers and the people who actually do that as their job [do that] stuff. Everybody on Instagram posting pictures of Rocky at the hospital where he passed away at, y’all looking like females and the tabloids. That’s not any of your business to post that. That’s private for somebody. I would want to see a picture of me on the Internet going to the hospital to see my grandfather while he’s dying. I wouldn’t want to see that.”

Until we have an official autopsy, the speculation will obviously continue. Scroll through the gallery below to see the photo that has A$AP Ant all riled up and plenty of reasons why the people think A$AP Yams died of a drug overdose.

Photo: Twitter/A$AP Yams

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