The Oversight Board at Meta issued a decision on Tuesday that said that it erred in banning a drill rap song at the request of UK law enforcement. In the decision, it said that Meta needed to obtain more details from police in these requests and provide more transparency overall in those situations.

Kanye West, aka Ye, was banned from Instagram and Twitter over making what appeared to be antisemitic comments.

Frank Ocean fans think the crooner has something up his sleeve. He recently cleared his Instagram account and his supporters think a new album is on the way.

Pornhub, a popular adult entertainment website, was removed from Instagram allegedly due to the efforts of Laila Mickelwait.

Will Smith was one of the biggest stars to use social media to connect with fans. After a small break, the rapper turned actor is back.

Instagram got caught out here doing too damn much trying to be like TikTok and is now rolling back some controversial updates.

Taking a step back, the artist also known as Ye made an attempt at accountability via his Instagram account in a bid to stem the tide.

The talent who the new generation heralds as The GOAT is back on social media. NBA YoungBoy’s first post urges other performers to not sign to his record label.

While the internet remains undefeated some folks need to learn respect and common courtesy. Cardi B has locked her daughter’s Instagram page after finding some very offensive responses in the comments section.

The saga between between Kanye West and his estranged wife continues. He has scrubbed Instagram after making his private conversations on Kim Kardashian public on social media.