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Hey, Elon Musk, do you hear those footsteps? Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram Threads are coming to put X out to pasture.

Slowly, Instagram Threads is becoming a legitimate replacement for Elon Musk’s awful platform X. Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that Meta’s answer to X is now testing hashtags and trending topics, two features Thread users have requested.

According to The Verge, hashtags on Threads don’t work exactly like those on other social media platforms. Using a hashtag on Threads creates or contributes to a conversation, but Threads converts it to a blue-text hyperlink instead of being a hashtag.

Before Threads launches the feature globally, Australia will be the first to try them out during a “limited test.”

When you type “#” into the post text field, a window containing the trending topic you’re looking for or others will appear. Underneath each topic, there will be a post count.


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The website also notes that you can only add a single “hashtag” at a time, which is probably Thread’s way of stopping people from spamming posts with multiple hashtags for a better reach.

Meta notes it will continue to work on the feature, so the ability to add more than one hashtag can eventually be available.

This latest feature is one of the many improvements Meta has brought to Threads, like the ability to keep your Threads posts off of Facebook and Instagram plus pinned posts.

There is also a dedicated GIF button as well.

The casket is almost at the bottom for X.

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