african american unemployment rate

Last Friday (May 3), The U.S. Department Of Labor released its jobs report for the month of April, revealing positive gains in employment. With 165,000 jobs added in the month, the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest rate in four years. However, African-American and Hispanic job seekers are still the hardest hit groups with a […]

Current mayor of Chicago and former White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel has been dealing with a series of situations in the Windy City. With gang violence ravaging the inner city streets, to widespread allegations of city corruption which has dogged the metropolis for years, Emanuel’s task to correct things […]

As the economy’s downturn continues to loom over America and employment remains to be a daily issue, the problem is almost magnified for the young males in the Black community. 34.5% of young Black men are unemployed. Reported in October, unemployment for African-American men between the ages of 16 and 24 has skyrocketed.  The percent […]

While the unemployment rate has hit an all time high in 26 years at 9.7 percent, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unemployment has not been in such dire conditions since 1983. While African Americans have suffered greatly and 15.1 percent unemployment in the month of August, up from 14.5 in July. At a job […]

The current financial recession has been more damaging for African-American communities in New York at an alarming rate, confirmed a report released Monday by a city comptroller. According to CNN, while unemployment in the city spiked to 72 percent from the first quarter of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009, it surged to more […]