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Make way for veteran rap group Goodie Mob, who delivered a visual for “Amy” from their Age Against The Machine LP. But this is a bit different, as the troop created this in collaboration for Internet-favorite comedy site, Funny or Die.


In the nine-year span between their last album together, the Goodie Mob will return to the charts this week with their fifth body of work, Age Against The Machine. Kicking off a U.S. tour in Washington, D.C. in support of the new record, the “Dirty South” representatives blazed through tracks both old and new.

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Goodie Mob fans are ecstatic about the groups long-awaited Age Against The Machine. As they await its proper release (August 27), followers can listen to the album for free via a live stream courtesy of Amazon.

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Goodie Mob return with yet another new track from their Age Against the Machine album. This time the quartet connects with fellow ATLien T.I. on a track called “Pinstripes.”

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Goodie Mob have never rapped for the sake of rapping. Rather, their intentions have always been to enlighten and that is clear in their new visual for “Special Education,” featuring Janelle Monáe.

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Goodie Mob appeared on MTV RapFix yesterday to promote their new LP, Age Against The Machine, but the conversation extended way past that. Since they’re the closest to Outkast, and namely André 3000, host Sway Calloway thought it appropriate to ask about the prolific MC’s rumored solo project.

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Goodie Mob appeared on The Breakfast Club earlier this morning to open up about their long-awaited album Age Against The Machine, their split, having problems with their label, their mission statement in 2013 and more.

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The Goodie Mob is a few weeks from releasing a new album, so they’re getting their promotion in full swing. Last night, the Atlanta group hit Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform “Special Education.”

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VICE subsidiary Noisey is on a roll today. After unveiling hilarious footage of Action Bronson performing at a retirement home, they follow up with the premiere of Goodie Mob‘s visual for “I’m Set.”


At one point, the likelihood of a new Goodie Mob project was comparable to that of Dr. Dre’s Detox. The legendary Atlanta collective have since proved us and many others wrong with their forthcoming LP Age Against The Machine, due out August 27.


Atlanta’s very own Goodie Mob are embarking on a nationwide tour. The concert will help promote their forthcoming new project, Age Against The Machine, their first proper album since 1999’s World Party.

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If you already didn’t know, a Goodie Mob reunion has long been in full effect. Member Cee Lo Green celebrated his birthday at Vanquish in Atlanta on Thursday (May 30) night and the Dungeon Family and other celebrities wer in the house.