Al Roker


Beloved weatherman turned talk show host, Al Roker has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be taking time off the air to attend to his health.

On Thanksgiving Eve (Nov. 21), NBC’s Today show hosts shared some of their favorite Turkey Day recipes. Wholesome host Al Roker showed off his sweet potato poon recipe, and of course use of that particular word had his co-hosts and Twitter raising eyebrows.

Over the weekend, Al Roker, and his drink, won the Internet when he wasn’t having co-host Billy Bush trying to gloss over the fact that Ryan Lochte is a liar. Reportedly, the suits at NBC aren’t too happy because it made their political connects feel a way. 

Al Roker called a spade a spade. While pointing out that Ryan Lochte is a damn liar no matter how you spin it, the weatherman, author and more was besides himself when Billy Bush tried to to say the swimmer simply “embellished” details.