How this will all end? More than likely bloody and violent, and best believe we'll be enjoying every minute of it when it hits theaters Aug. 16.


Twitter reallly wasn't that impressed with the developments of a recent Congressional hearing on UFOs.


As if we didn't have enough to worry about, now we can possibly add aliens to that growing list. The Pentagon let go of three video clips of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) doing some impressive maneuvering in the skies over US military bases. The footage was initially shared back in 2007 by a private company. 


We’re posting this for no other reason than because that photograph of the Black actor dressed in the Xenomorph costume with a “What are you looking at?” look on his face is hilarious. The Xenomorph is the proper name of the now iconic “alien” first seen in Ridley Scott’s classic Alien and its many sequels and offshoot […]


Neo-Nazi groups have greatly grown in number since the 9/11 attacks. Those that have abandoned the cowardice and bigotry associated with the hood and emblazoned cross are now taking to the internet and donning suits, ties, and the occasional swastika tee-shirt on weekends whenever the need arises for them to spread their own special brand […]