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All good things must come to an end and just yesterday, Allen Iverson, the electrifying guard with the Hip-Hop flair, decided to call it quits for good.

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The day all basketball fans knew was coming has finally arrived. Today (Oct. 30), Allen Iverson officially announced his retirement from the NBA during a press conference in Philadelphia. 

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Allen Iverson‘s ex-wife, Tawanna, is seeking over a million dollars in child support that he says he doesn’t have. The NBA great is asking a judge to have her fall back on her allegedly exorbitant request, with A.I. saying his only source of income is his Reebok endorsement deal. 


Allen Iverson may want to reconsider his reported intention to officially retire from pro basketball. A.I.’s ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, is asking a judge that the NBA great fork over almost $1.3 million in child support (the next 13 year’s worth)—not now but right now. 


Allen Iverson will go down as one of the greatest NBA point guards of all time. However, the conclusion of his career did not go as ideally as anyone would have planned. Reportedly, A.I. will officially retire from the pro game in a matter of days. 

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It’s a simple understanding; if you have a baby, it’s your responsibility to care of the child. However, pro athletes, and specifically the NBA players we spotlight here, have had trouble adhering to this concept. The result has been bankruptcy and in the worst case scenarios, jail time.

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Finally some good news for Allen Iverson, sort of. The former NBA MVP has avoided jail time by paying up on that $40,000 he owed in child support.


Married life for professional athletes is already tough, considering the union is on public display for all. Through the good and bad, pro ballers and their wives face constant evaluation of their nuptials. Unfortunately, some marriages aren’t meant to last and in rare cases, the men are better off without their wives, for safety concerns.


Finally some relatively good Allen Iverson news. It now appears that the former NBA MVP was not holding his five kids hostage as his ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, claimed in court.


Despite a stellar NBA career, Allen Iverson‘s off-court troubles continue to tarnish his legacy. The latest shenanigans involving A.I. are his ex-wife accusing him of kidnapping their children. 


Allen Iverson had been quiet in the news lately, but his struggle continues. The former NBA All-Star’s ex-wife wants him thrown into the bing over his failure to pay child support. 

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This weekend proved once again that the Internets has no concept of chill. That now infamous behind the scenes photo of Drake in a Dada Supreme shorts set was pasted into various photos to hilarious affect all weekend, and the slander is still going.