Needless to say when word got back to the higher ups about the new unsanctioned mural, workers from the Department of Transportation took to the streets to cover up the message with black paint.

It seems that New York City might be on the brink of reopening within the coming weeks. But according to state officials, the new normal might not feel normal at all.


Standing up straight while a doctor in protective gear inserted a nasal swab into his nose to take a sample, the moment was a stern reminder of what elected officials are supposed to do in order to reassure their constituents that at the end of the day we're all in this together.

Hot 97’s Ebro Darden hosted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio at the station’s studio for an interview, covering a wide range of topics as it relates to the leader’s mayoral duties. At one point, Ebro likened a brewing round of contention between Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to the beef between Drake […]

A nationwide manhunt for two escaped New York murderers has been issued, leaving law enforcement officials to conclude “they could be anywhere” at this point.

President Obama will ask Congress for an extra $50 billion to aid in handling the destruction leftover by Hurricane Sandy. The massive storm struck the East Coast in late October, leaving a path of destruction that is far from being cleaned up.

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, residents are still without power. More than 160,000 customers spanning 10 states are powerless, including in New York, where many are fed up with not having electricity. On Long Island  legal action is being sought against the Long Island Power Authority for their failure to rectify […]

One day after tropical cyclone Sandy hit the East Coast causing damage in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and beyond, President Obama signed important disaster declarations. The move opens the door for federal assistance to the areas hit hard by the the storm.

In a 2011 Associated Press report, 50,000 low-level weed arrests took place in New York per year, more than any other reported crime in the city’s justice system. One out of seven cases in criminal court involved pot, with Black and Hispanic men making up the bulk of the arrested. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo […]