This is the story that never ends. Ice-T and Coco reportedly split over her alleged tryst with aspiring Bay Area rapper, AP.9. In today’s installment, Ice is denying leaving his wife, while her (rumored) jumpoff has released more damaging information.

Ice-T may have hit his breaking point. Rumor has it that the Law & Order star has filed for a legal separation from longtime love, Coco, and is one step closer to getting a divorce.

Don’t expect Coco to explain her short-lived photo scandal  involving two other men. The 33-year-old reality TV star interviewed with the UK Daily Mail, where she explained that only one person’s opinion matters: Ice-T.

Apparently Ice’ T’s wife, Coco, never really learned her lesson. Less than a month after images of the curvy blonde, and Bay Area struggle rapper AP.9 emerged, more flicks have hit the ‘Net, proving that she knew she had gone too far.

Just last week Ice-T faced the haunting photos of his wife CoCo posing with AP.9. Now the pistol-named rapper is taunting the Hip-Hop pioneer hinting that there possibly was an affair.

The ups and downs of love are not lost on Ice-T and his devoted wife, Coco. A couple of days after putting her on blast for taking a few suspect pics with an aspiring Bay Area rapper, these two are back in love again.

The bond that is Ice-T’s relationship with his lady love, Coco, might have a few cracks in it. Ice is always vocal about his feelings for Coco, but pictures she took with a male fan has him questioning the relationship. Ice took to Twitter Saturday (Dec. 8) to call his wife out.