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The ups and downs of love are not lost on Ice-T and his devoted wife, Coco. A couple of days after putting her on blast for taking a few suspect pics with an aspiring Bay Area rapper, these two are back in love again.

Coco tweeted about being on set with her man earlier this morning, proving that he’s over the fight which led to an extra-emo Twitter rant that he later trashed. “Chillin with Ice on Law and Order set..we woke up too dang early..need to go back to bed but got a full day ahead,” she wrote as if none of the aforementioned incidents ever took place.

On his end, Ice hasn’t said anything about the situation.

Ice married Coco (aka Nicole Natalie Morrow) more than a decade ago. In the years since, the couple has become pretty much inseparable, share one cell phone, and showcase their love via the reality show Ice Loves Coco on E! From the looks of it they seem to have a pretty good partnership, but this weekend, Coco learned the hard way that no matter how many a– shots she posts to the Internet, there is an invisible relationship line that she’s not allowed to cross.

As for that rapper she posed with, no one knows if this mini-scandal helped out his career.

For old times sake, click below to see a few loving photos of Ice and Coco.

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