Ice-T and Coco Austin defended their parenting from social media critics of their 7-year-old daughter dancing with family on Christmas.

Sharing his message via Twitter, the orginal gangster shared why Los Angeles rappers are hardly seen wearing jewelry while in their home city

6-year-old Chanel looked over it while riding in a stroller at the exclusive resort. This is not the first time the celebrity couple has been criticized for the way they raise their young daughter.

A Rap OG has been reminded that the Internets have no chill. Ice-T has responded to those that questioned his parenting skills after his daughter flicked it up with French tip nails.

Bryan was the creative mind behind a recent film, Equal Standard, starring Ice-T.

Now, the peanut gallery is in another uproar after the rapper shared that his child still breastfeeds and even made a joke at his expense, but that hasn't stopped folks from giving the family more unnecessary flak.

Fans on Twitter are discussing the veteran Hip-Hop star after photos of his five-year-old daughter went wide and they can't get over how much the little girl looks so much like her father.

COVID-19 is very real, but unfortunately, some people still think this virus is a hoax, and Ice-T has revealed that his father-in-law was one of them, but now is a believer.

At a time when many are putting their lives on the line daily to help save those effected by COVID-19, Hip-Hop wants to say thank you.

Ice-T has some choice words for critics after his wife Coco Austin was dragged for continuing to breastfeed their almost-four-year-old daughter.

Ice-T, the famed rapper and actor, claims he has never eaten a bagel, in his life. The revelation has Twitter in disbelief.


Ice-T went from performing “Cop Killer” on stage to playing one on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, but it seems like the career choices of the rapper turned actor weren’t enough to help him register with the police brotherhood in real life.