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Just last week Ice-T faced the haunting photos of his wife CoCo posing with AP.9. Now the pistol-named rapper is taunting the Hip-Hop pioneer hinting that there possibly was an affair.

Ice shared his heated emotions when revealing the pictures of the two via twitter. The flicks showed the rapper’s wife and AP.9 posing close and giving kisses in Vegas after Coco’s topless show, Peepshow.  He blasted his wife about the too-friendly photos, got to publicly sharing his discomfort, then later announced his forgivness of her. Coco went on to ensure the photos were taken in the spirit of fun and there was nothing more to them. Unfortunately for Ice & Coco, AP.9 now tells a different story.

When a TMZ cameraman asked about the rumors of sleeping with the west-coast rappers wife, AP.9 turned into the camera and said, “That’s a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?” then he added,“No comment man.” Suggesting he was for sure intimate and involved with Coco he also added commentary about Ice-T’s anticipated retaliation. He said, “I’m from the hood. I’m not worried about nothin’.”

AP.9 could just be shopping around for a little more than 15 minutes with the whole scandal but he is successfully adding more fuel to the fire. Sadly, Ice and Coco’s marriage is taking the hit. Lets see how this pans out as the couple will celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve and anticipating the third season premiere of reality show, Ice Loves Coco.

Photo: Twitter