Arizona Democratic representative Ruben Gallego has officially announced a run for the Senate in 2024, directly challenging incumbent Senator Kyrsten Sinema for her seat. Sinema, currently an independent, left the Democratic Party last December amid criticisms (including Gallego's) of her centrist policies.

Blake Masters, a Republican attorney running to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate, has been caught on video allegedly assaulting a Democratic protestor wearing a "Black Lives Matter" t-shirt over the past weekend at a GOP rally.

It seems social distancing goes out the window when The Money Team is in town. One government official is not feeling the vibes to say the very least. 

Wanda Dench sent out a text meant for her grandson which was received by Jamal Hinton, who actually attended the family dinner and did so annually, becoming a true family.

Last week, 17-year-old Elijah El-Amin was stabbed inside an Arizona convenience store, later succumbing to his injuries. The white suspect, 27-year-old Michael Paul Adams, says he carried out the murder because the boy was playing Hip-Hop music.

Instead of creating a pathway for 500 necessary jobs in the state of Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey has announced he’ll cut promised aid to bring a Nike plant to Phoenix. The reason is Nike’s decision to not run with its Independence Day Betsy Ross flag Air Max sneakers, with Gov. Ducey missing a grand opportunity […]

With Uber contending with reports that the company is suffering billions of dollars in loss, it was banking on the success of a developing self-driving car program as it looked towards the future. However, those developments will surely be on hold after a woman in Tempe, Arizona was struck and killed by a driver-occupied autonomous […]

Six white high school seniors basically went into hiding after they gleefully posed for a photo spelling out the word “NI**ER” with their T-shirts during a yearbook photoshoot. The flick was posted on the ‘Net Friday (Jan. 22), and you can pretty much guess what happened next.

Several gunmen are in custody and another one is at large in two complete separate school shootings that have infected the country today, October 9.

Police in Arizona arrested a 68-year-old man Friday (Jul 10) on suspicion that he flew across the country to have sex with a horse. This is just sad.

Police in the town of Marana in Arizona were involved in a showdown with a suspect back in February, which led to one of the officers slamming his cruiser into the man. The incident was caught on dash cam, and emerging video has prompted discussions on how police handle tense situations.

John Huppenthal, an outgoing Republican school superintendent with a questionably racist past, used his last day in the office to issue possible funding sanctions on a school because it taught a class on Hip-Hop. In a letter issued this past Friday, Huppenthal is urging the state to enforce withholding of financial support to the school.