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Police in Arizona arrested a 68-year-old man Friday (Jul 10) on suspicion that he flew across the country to have sex with a horse. This is just sad.

Michael Crawford got hit with the old bait-and-switch move when he went online soliciting horse owners who would let him bone an animal. Crawford met what he assumed was an owner online, and set up a plan to fly from Pennsylvania to Arizona to get his man parts on a horse.

Unbeknownst to Crawford, he was actually corresponding with, an undercover cop the whole time. Crawford has been under investigation for suspected bestiality since last year, though he had no idea.

When hooking up his sex date, Crawford shared graphic details via phone and email, about what he wanted to do with a horse. When he got off the plane, deputies took him to a trailer where he saw two ponies and couldn’t stop smiling about what he thought was going down. Unfortunately for this guy, the ponies weren’t for his sexual pleasure, it was all part of the sting operation.

As with any crazy person who would attempt sex with an animal, Crawford doesn’t understand why he was arrested, being that he didn’t actually get to have sex with a horse (tough break, sir). He told authorities that he’s been having sex situations with animals since 1970.

Crawford was charged with bestiality, which is a class 6 felony in the stage.

Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office