There have been several different reactions to Mitt Romney losing the presidential race. Romney bowed out gracefully, giving a classy speech, then cutting off the credit cards of his campaign workers before they could make it home— but others have handled the defeat much differently. Holly Solomon ran her husband over believing that his decision not […]

Sherriff Joe Arpaio has completely lost his mind. As if taking his delusions about President Obama’s birthplace to a public forum wasn’t bad enough, he thought that throwing a “birther bash” in Arizona, next month, would be a good idea. Not only did his plan fail miserably, but he was forced to cancel the party as of Friday […]

DJ Khaled is currently on set in Arizona filming the video for his single “I Wish You Would,” featuring Kanye West and Rick Ross. Legendary video director Hype Williams will be behind the lens for this one. The Hit-Boy produced single will appear on DJ Khaled’s next album, Kiss The Ring, which will come out on Cash […]

Righteous rapper Jasiri X drops a new record called “Who’s Illegal?” featuring Rhymefest, a civil rights enthusiast who once ran for Alderman of the 20th ward in Chicago. X and ‘Fest take listeners/viewers on a trip down to both Arizona and Alabama, where unrest exists over two anti-immigration bills being passed in the respective states, with this Paradise Gray directed […]

Thirteen people were shot outside of a Nipsey Hussle show last night. Thirteen. U.S. News reports that 13 people were shot and wounded—two victims are in critical condition—in Tempe, Arizona in the parking lot of the  The Clubhouse Music Venue. The shooting occurred around 11:30pm local time.  The suspects are two Black men who were wearing […]

Public enemy Rapper Chuck D is returning to the studio, this time to protest Arizona’s Immigration Bill.  This isn’t Public Enemy’s first Jab at the Grand Canyon State.  Back in 1991 Public Enemy released the song “When I Get to Arizona”, which criticized the state for refusing to the states failure to recognize Martin Luther […]

No matter how many steps rapper DMX tries to take forward, there is always something that finds him taking even more steps backward. Reported Tuesday, the rapper, legally Earl Simmons, was arrested by Adult Probation officers and charged with five counts of probation violation, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Placed into the custody […]

Relationship analysts and public relations experts predicted that Tiger Woods would have to seek help once he totally hit rock bottom with all signs seeming to point that such a time is finally near. The golf prodigy and first billionaire athlete has entered himself into a private rehabilitation center in the Arizona desert, presumably to […]

Neo-Nazi groups have greatly grown in number since the 9/11 attacks. Those that have abandoned the cowardice and bigotry associated with the hood and emblazoned cross are now taking to the internet and donning suits, ties, and the occasional swastika tee-shirt on weekends whenever the need arises for them to spread their own special brand […]

“The West ain’t never gonna come back with just 1 n*gga trying to be poppin.  It’s gonna take 2, 3, 4, 5 n*ggas.  N*ggas think that they can bring it back by themselves and that they don’t need nobody else.  That’s your ego homie.  Let’s talk about reality.” United they stand and divided they fall.  […]