It is all seemingly crumbling down for R. Kelly’s operation. A member of the crooner’s crew has admitted to torching a vehicle with the hopes of intimidating a witness.

Sydney Parham, 26, was arrested and charged with the crime after being seen on a now-viral video attempting to set a vehicle on fire.

A New Jersey woman who was invited to a man’s home for a late-night hookup was angered when she arrived and the man didn’t answer his door. In a fit of rage, the woman burned down the man’s home in hopes that she would end his life.

A number of fires in Lousiana that occurred at churches with a sizeable Black congregation sparked an investigation that eventually moved towards the involvement of federal authorities. An arrest has been made in the fires and the lone suspect is said to be the son of a deputy sheriff.

A number of fires erupted across a Lousiana parish last month and is seemingly targeted towards Black churches. An investigation into the crimes has been launched, and early reports say the fires could be related.

Where else could this have happened? A Florida woman thought she was setting her ex-boyfriends car on fire—except it was another man’s vehicle. 

Across St. Louis, Mo.,  a series of fires at Black churches have people in the region asking questions and raising concerns that these buildings are under attack. Over the past 11 days, five Black churches have reported blazes.

Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historic Black church in South Carolina, was the seventh to be torched by flames since the June 17 Mother Emanuel AME church shooting tragedy. As local and federal investigators ponder the rash of church fires across the Deep South, the burning of Mout Zion AME Tuesday night (Jun. […]

In the days since the Charleston church shooting tragedy in South Carolina, a number of Black church fires have been reported across the South. While an actual cause of some of the blazes has yet to be officially confirmed, many think that the Black church fires are the work of an arsonist.

Three little letters got a mother in Kentucky in all kinds of trouble: BBQ. Lamonica Anganette Hill was arrested Monday (Oct. 15) for setting her apartment on fire while her son slept in his room. The mother living in Lexington, is facing attempted murder and and first-degree arson charges for starting a blaze, which she […]

Benjamin Haskell pleaded guilty today to charges of church arson.  Haskell, along with Michael Jacques and Thomas Gleason were accused of torching the Macedonia Church of God in Christ in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The crime happened on the eve of President Barack Obama’s win on November 5th, 2008.   Haskell admitted that they set the church on […]