Victims of the Astroworld tragedy are starting to see some light at the end of tunnel. Travis Scott has privately settled his first lawsuit. 

Travis Scott caught flack from an Astroworld victim's attorney for calling out some fans over safety concerns.

A filmmaker is looking to further explore what exactly went wrong at the Astroworld festival. Travis Scott’s legal team is calling the forthcoming documentary a shameless money grab.

Nice try, but this petition calling for Travis Scott to be allowed to touch the Coachella stage this year turned out to be a pure jig.


Though he's since apologized both on social media and in an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Travis Scott has found himself ostracized by his once adoring public who now boo his songs whenever his cuts are played in the club.

According to CNN, Travis Scott is denying the allegations, including negligence, in the multiple lawsuits that have been filed against him for the Astroworld Festival tragedy.

Travis Scott is asking that he not be included as a defendant in a lawsuit.

A scrapped W mag cover story featuring Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott made waves when the article’s writer alleged that the couple wasn’t really a couple and haven’t been for two years despite recently birthing a second child together. 


Streaming giant Hulu pulled a 50-minute documentary about the tragic events at the Astroworld festival headlined by Travis Scott that took place last month in Houston, Texas. An insider claims, however, that the doc wasn't sanctioned or produced by Hulu.

Travis Scott is extending his support to Astroworld victims but not everyone has welcomed it. The family of Ezra Blount has rejected his offer to cover the funeral expenses.

Brands continue to back away from Travis Scott. W Magazine is reportedly trying to pull a cover that features the rapper and Kylie Jenner.

The aftermath behind the tragic events from the Astroworld festival continues. Lawyers have stated that anyone who is accepting refunds will essentially be waiving their rights to seek damages.