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Travis Scott - Astroworld Festival 2019

Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Digital

A filmmaker is looking to further explore what exactly went wrong at the Astroworld festival. Travis Scott’s legal team is calling the forthcoming documentary a shameless money grab.

As per TMZ a film has been made about the tragedy that occurred at the November concert series. Concert Crush: The Travis Scott Festival Tragedy is currently screening to select audiences this month. Director Charlie Minn aims to put a spotlight on what really led up to the devastation that took the lives of 10 individuals.

Travis Scott’s team has taken umbrage with the project calling it a” farce financed by and containing content from members of the plaintiff’s legal teams, who, weeks after a tragedy, sought to exploit and benefit financially from it, with the clear goals of making money and swaying future juries and public opinion.” Naturally Minn thinks differently about his vision for the film “My job is to make the most truthful, honest, sincere documentary from the victim’s point of view. We need to know about these stories to prevent it from happening again” he told The Associated Press.

But when you dig further into some of the people behind the movie the eyebrow raise becomes automatic. Attorney Ricardo Ramos, who represents several individuals throughout multiple Astroworld cases is noted as producer of the film. Additionally, many of his clients are featured throughout the documentary. According to The Hollywood Reporter it highlights “what concertgoers experienced and what led to the tragedy”.

You can view the official trailer below.

Photo: Kevin Rawls