You have to wonder who'll be dishing out that kind of cash to own a piece of Hip-Hop history and whether they'll be placing it in a display case or putting it around their own neck.


His Nike Air Yeezy 1 prototypes from 2008 sold for a record-breaking $1.8 million via private sale.


After decades of being shunned by premium brands time has proven Hip-Hop is your favorite tastemaker’s tastemaker. One of our elders recently gave the skinny on the culture became such a force.


If you’re basketball super fan and want to own a piece of history then you’re in luck. One of Michael Jordan’s most prized automobiles is about to hit the market.


Prince Rogers Nelson died just over two years ago, but there’s still heavy fan interest in the legendary musician and performer. A former bodyguard is auctioning off over two dozen personal items that belong to Prince, including the singer’s personal copy of the Purple Rain LP and his Jehovah’s Witness bible.

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Yet another batch of handwritten Tupac Shakur letters have surfaced and they are already generating a sizeable buzz.

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When it comes to deceased artist memorabilia, Michael Jackson’s white glove would easily rank as one of the most coveted items on any list.


Some people are serious about their liquor (only counting those folks who can actually handle it). But the winning bid for a 64-year-old bottle of Macallan whisky just took the definition of a connoisseur to an entirely new level.

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Fans love their memorabilia. Especially when the star in question has passed away. The great Bruce Lee was only 32 when died but his legacy as the greatest Kung-Fu master has been immortalized through folklore and urban legend.