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Fans love their memorabilia. Especially when the star in question has passed away. The great Bruce Lee was only 32 when died but his legacy as the greatest Kung-Fu master has been immortalized through folklore and urban legend.

The famous yellow jumpsuit that Lee wore on 1973’s Game of Death, the movie he was shooting at the time of his death was recently auctioned off for big money in Hong Kong. An unidentified auctioneer via telephone was awarded the suit for a gaudy figure of $100K USD.

Via The AP:

The suit was one of two Lee commissioned from his Hong Kong tailor for “Game of Death.” The auction house said the zipper on the back is damaged from a fight scene in the movie. The selling price of 780,000 Hong Kong dollars ($100,000) was about triple the auction house’s initial estimate.

Collectors also snapped up “Game of Death” prop weapons used by Lee. A pair of wooden yellow lacquered “nunchaku” that match the jumpsuit sold for HK$540,000 ($70,000) to British collector George Philips, an investment manager based in Hong Kong.

“It’s an iconic item,” he said.

A green bamboo whip went for HK$96,000 ($12,380).

The yellow suit has taken on an iconic semblance in pop culture. Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill slayed hundreds of foes while donning it and it was an alternate costume for Marshall Law from the Tekken video game series.

Check the gallery to see the mint condition suit as well as the aforementioned nunchucks he used in the film.

Photo: YouTube

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