Bruce Lee


Set to debut with ESPN's latest 30 For 30, Be Water, which is centered around the life of the GOAT martial arts master, Bruce Lee, "Be Like Water" is the RZA's first dolo cut he's dropped since he was getting his Bobby Digital on more than a decade ago. Okay, maybe not that long, but it's been a hot minute and it took the essence of a martial arts legend to get him back in the studio.

UFC fans will get the biggest “what if” questioned answered this June as EA is including Bruce Lee, arguably the greatest mixed martial arts fighter to ever live, in their new EA Sports UFC game.

Fans love their memorabilia. Especially when the star in question has passed away. The great Bruce Lee was only 32 when died but his legacy as the greatest Kung-Fu master has been immortalized through folklore and urban legend.

After years of planning, and months of promotion, RZA’s feature film directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fists is in theaters today (November 2nd). The movie stars himself, Lucy Liu and Russell Crowe, and should be a fun ride for kung-fu movie fans as it contains many blatant and subtle odes to classic movies […]