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Tupac Returns As Crime Fighter In New Comic Book

Later rapper Tupac Shakur will be resurrected in cartoon form for the new comic book series, Comeback Kings.

The new series also features other deceased iconic figures depicted as crime fighting saviors including Bruce Lee, Jim Morrison and Andy Kaufman.

“The artists we chose are all influential icons that died too young, whose legacies include conspiracy theories suggesting that they faked their own deaths,” said author Matt Sullivan. “Those theories are a jump-off point to both comment on celebrity culture and have fun with the superstar super-team concept.”

Sullivan said content of Comeback Kings will be deeper than your average comic book plot. He also said that it was Pac who gave him the inspiration and motive to complete the project.

“Fans can expect a satirical action-adventure with intense emotional content that treats these artists with both imaginative irreverence and deep respect,” said Sullivan.

“I remember a Vibe interview Tupac gave late in his life in which he said he was tired of playing drug dealers and wanted to be an action hero for his generation. That’s something I would’ve loved to see—and in Comeback Kings, we make that happen.”


Comeback Kings is published by Ardden Entertainment and illustrated by Ethan Young.

The comic began appearing on newsstands last Wednesday ( May 25).