Everywhere you go, you can find a multitude of people who love Snoop Dogg. Even in areas where petitioning his exile is a full-time job.

Fans are known to do the craziest things at concerts. It may be hyperbole to state that rap fans are more unpredictable than rock fans, but you can’t count out the zany nature of Hip-Hop heads.

A$AP Rocky has some explaining to do. Footage from a recent performance in Sydney, Australia on Friday, June 29, appears to show the Harlem rapper slapping a female fan. There is also footage, from the same show, of A$AP punching a fan that tried to take his hat after a stage dive. 

Seems like we’ve already covered this story right? Well, here’s one more for the road.

Nas will be headlining and curating a festival in Australia known as “The Movement 2013.” 

Lance Armstrong may never be forgiven for cheating his way to seven Tour de France titles, which might be why a library in Australia got creative in their response to the scandal. Someone at the library– located in the suburb of Sydney, known as Manly, (yes, that’s the real name)– was so bent out of […]

Another day and we have yet another video from Rick Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape. This time, “Ring Ring,” featuring Future, gets the visual treatment. MTV Jams premiered the clip, but the Internets, and Yardie, can’t be stopped. Although Rozay has yet to confirm that shows in Guyana and Houston were cancelled because of his health, his camp […]

After having his mic muted, and show cut short, Kid Cudi proceeded to destroy stage equipment at Australia’s Heatwave Festival. Shortly thereafter, Cudder hit his Tumblr to explain his behavior. “If my set is EVER cut short at any show, im trashing the stage. Not out of anger, it takes a lot to get me […]

Lil Wayne and his Young Money cohorts took their act down under, and now footage from that portion of the "I Am Still Music Tour" has been released.