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Back To The Future 2 dropped back in 1989, and OG sneakerheads began fiending for Marty McFly’s self-lacing Nike MAG kicks. Today (Oct. 21) at 4:29 PST is the perfect time for Nike to make good and drop the shoes. 


The idea of releasing the Nike MAG, a shoe inspired by Marty McFly’s futuristic kicks from the classic ’80s film Back To The Future II, was pretty dope, but the steep price tag and exclusivity stopped most from acquiring. But that changes today, sort of, as Universal Studios announced that a Halloween Costume replica pair will be available […]

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ScHoolboy Q was able to stand alongside Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd in a seemingly authentic promotional video for the coveted Hoverboard, but the jig is up for the founding company HUVr Corp, which turns out is Funny or Die in disguise.

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The allure of the classic film Back to the Film Part II is making a comeback in a real major way in 2014.