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The allure of the classic film Back to the Film Part II is making a comeback in a real major way in 2014.

First Nike designer Tinker Hatfield promised to released the self-tying shoelaces in 2015 and now, a cryptic technology upstart by the name of HUVr claim to have created a real life Hoverboard just like Marty McFly used to get away from Griff Tanner’s futuristic gang.

Reigning Billboard champ ScHoolboy Q, pro skater Tony Hawk, ex-pro NFLer Terrell Owens and the reclusive Christopher Lloyd, who starred as the Back to the Future’s “Doc” are all featured in HUVr’s new advertisement.

All we need now is a car that can best the Venom GT while airborne and Planet Earth is all set for the new wave.

Too bad this is most likely a hoax for something semi-related.

Reports The Verge:

They’re calling themselves HUVr Corp and claim to have a staff filled with “materials science, electricity & magnetism experts who’ve solved an important part of one of science’s mysteries: the key to antigravity.”

In the face of mounting evidence that the hoverboard is fake (you can see what appears to be a wire harness in this screencap), HUVr has published a FAQ on Facebook which insists that the gadget is totally, completely real. The company claims the board will be affordable and that it hopes to ship the product in December 2014, and will demonstrate just how real the technology is in a series of live events in major US cities.

In the meanwhile, however, Andy Baio has discovered that one of the team leaders, a supposed MIT researcher, is none other than actor Nelson Cheng, who apparently studied economics at Princeton instead. And we traced back the Twitter stream to discover that at least part of the HUVr campaign is a production of San Francisco-based Spring Studio — it appears that HUVr originally tweeted a link to its client page there instead of to the actual site, and was unable to completely cover up the mishap.

Regardless, Q’s reaction when he begins to “hover” is beyond priceless. The “Hoover” kid on a Hoverboard. See what they did there?

Check out the video below and another outtake with actor Billy Zane on the flip.

Photo: YouTube

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