Bernie de la Rionda

Prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda delivered closing statements in the George Zimmerman trail Thursday (July 11). Giving two-hours worth of information in a final push to get the accused killer convicted for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the veteran prosecutor called Zimmerman a “liar” who “killed his only eyewitness.”

Trayvon Martin’s recording of a fight with a homeless man was originally misinterpreted by the defense team of the teen’s accused killer. Mike O’Mara, lead lawyer for George Zimmerman, posted online Sunday (June 2) that he wrongfully accused Martin of being involved in the scuffle. 

With just a few weeks before his second degree murder trail is set to begin, George Zimmerman’s defense team has hit another barrier. Earlier today (May 28) a judge barred the admission of Trayvon Martin’s text messages, social media posts, and other records during the trial.

A Florida judge denied George Zimmerman’s request to extend the start of his second-degree murder trial, Tuesday (Feb. 5). During a hearing held on what would’ve been Trayvon Martin’s 18th birthday, lawyers for Zimmerman—who is accused of murdering the unarmed teen—were not allowed to push the June start date. 

A Florida judge denied George Zimmerman’s request to remove his 24-hour GPS tracking device Tuesday (Dec. 11). Judge Debra Nelson, also ruled that the accused killer, who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin back in February, must continue to live inside Seminole County where he currently resides. Nelson denied Zimmerman—who was in court at the time— without offering […]

The identity of witnesses in the second-degree murder case against George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin have been leaked. Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda revealed the names via a summary sheet which is accessible to the public.

The judge presiding over George Zimmerman’s  case denied the state’s request for a gag order, Monday (Oct.29). Circuit Judge Debra Nelson found no basis for a gag order to be placed on Zimmerman and his legal team, which would not allow for a fair trial,as argued by the opposing side.

George Zimmerman’s is now aware of when he’ll have his day in court. The second-degree murder trial stemming from the February shooting death of Trayvon Martin has been scheduled for June 10, a Florida judge announced Wednesday (Oct. 17). Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson set the date which falls more than a year after the […]

George Zimmerman has been granted bond, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be getting out of jail—yet. The accused killer appeared before Judge Kenneth Lester Friday (June 29), where his lawyer, Mike O’Mara, pleaded for his release, and in response his bail was set at $1 million Thursday (July 5). In order to be released from custody, he will […]

As more details surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin continue to be made public, prosecutors in the case against accused killer George Zimmerman are asking that certain documents be sealed.

George Zimmerman’s lawyer has some explaining to do. One week after the 28-year-old posted $150,000 bail comes word that he may have used contributions from his website to help pay the debt. The now defunct site received upwards of $200,000 in donations, a number which the accused killer’s lawyer, Mike O’Mara, says he was not […]