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The judge presiding over George Zimmerman’s  case denied the state’s request for a gag order, Monday (Oct.29).

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson found no basis for a gag order to be placed on Zimmerman and his legal team, which would not allow for a fair trial,as argued by the opposing side.

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda said Friday (Oct. 26) that Zimmerman’s website, launched by his lawyer Mike O’Mara, and other examples of his online presence, may influence the views of potential jurors.

In response, O’Mara denied revealing any specific evidence to the public, and sought to take control of his client’s new media presence to discredit fake sites and social media accounts spreading inaccurate information.

In addition to denying the gag order request, the judge announced that a “stand your ground” hearing will take place prior to April 26, while all pretrial motions must be filed by early May.

Zimmerman has long maintained that he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in and act of self-defense, and will be given the opportunity to argue for his freedom at the start of his trial, scheduled for June.

He has pleaded not-guilty to second-degree murder charges, and asserts that the shooting of the unarmed teen, was not racially motivated.


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