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George Zimmerman has been granted bond, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be getting out of jailyet. The accused killer appeared before Judge Kenneth Lester Friday (June 29), where his lawyer, Mike O’Mara, pleaded for his release, and in response his bail was set at $1 million Thursday (July 5). In order to be released from custody, he will have to put up 10 percent (or $100,000) of the amount. While it is unclear, how long it will take him to come up with the money, he can definitely afford it. Over the past few months he has raised nearly half a million from online donations, a number which has spiked since being ordered back to jail.

During his hearing, O’Mara argued that his client never knowingly deceived the court. “The state has not presented, nor can they present, any evidence aside from hiding the money from his family…maybe from the people in the jail,” he said before admitting that Zimmerman’s actions may have not been “well thought out,” making  mention to phone conversations between the 28-year-old and his is wife, Shellie.

“In those 30 hours what you hear is not one sentence of ‘Deceive the judge, don’t say anything to O’Mara, move it anywhere.’ I say that the presumption is when you see those tapes it’s obvious they’re hiding it from the system. ”

Since shooting and killing the unarmed teen, Zimmerman has maintained that he committed the crime as an act of self-defense. During the hearing O’Mara reiterated the former neighborhood watch captain’s recount, noting that Zimmerman sustained several injuries and was “in fear of great bodily injury” at the hands of  Martin.

However the prosecution discredited Zimmerman’s story, noting that the evidence against him is “strong.” Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda argued that there are holes in Zimmerman’s story. “We have inconsistencies and there are plenty of them. The implication is somehow, Mr. Martin because he was wearing a hoodie, is a criminal,”  added de la Rionda.

Under his new bond order, Zimmerman is not allowed to leave Seminole County, Florida without proper authorization, cannot open a bank account, and must adhere to a 6 a.m.- 6 p.m. curfew.


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