Judge Kenneth Lester

With the start of George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trail drawing near, prosecutors unveiled another batch of evidence Wednesday (Sept. 19). The new evidence—featuring over 200 photos, and a DNA report— follows a truckload of other documents, which have been revealed over the last several months. Eight of the photos included were taken by an investigator […]

George Zimmerman has been granted his wish to have another judge preside over this second-degree murder case. A Florida appeals court ruled that Judge Kenneth Lester must step down on grounds that he is bias, claims which were first made by Zimmerman’s lawyer. Although Lester granted Zimmerman bond more than once, he lauded the accused […]

George Zimmerman is allowed to leave the county. A Florida judge ruled Friday (Aug. 24) that Zimmerman can travel outside of his area to meet with his lawyers. Judge Kenneth Lester granted the 28-year-old the right to leave Seminole County, and said that he will adjust the accused killer’s bond terms. For now, Zimmerman is allowed […]

George Zimmerman has gotten his way on more than one occasion since shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, but it appears that his winning streak is over. The 28-year-old requested to have Judge Kenneth Lester taken off his forthcoming second-degree murder trial, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Lester denied the motion Tuesday (July […]

George Zimmerman is unhappy with the judge in his second-degree murder case. Judge Kenneth Lester has released the accused killer from custody twice, but Zimmerman is still not satisfied. He has requested a new judge citing bias as the reason. According to his legal team, Lester is being discriminatory against Zimmerman in his decision to […]

George Zimmerman is taking his safety very seriously. The accused killer of Trayvon Martin was released on bail Friday (July 6) and has been transported to a Florida safe house, which is being protected by security guards. After Judge Kenneth Lester set his bond at $1 million, Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mike O’Mara, went online to ask […]

George Zimmerman has been granted bond, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be getting out of jail—yet. The accused killer appeared before Judge Kenneth Lester Friday (June 29), where his lawyer, Mike O’Mara, pleaded for his release, and in response his bail was set at $1 million Thursday (July 5). In order to be released from custody, he will […]

George Zimmerman is currently in court, appearing before Judge Kenneth Lester who will decide whether or not he will be released from custody. Zimmerman’s bond was revoked after the court concluded that he had been deceitful about his finances. The 28-year-old’s lawyer Mike O’Mara filed a motion for his release earlier this week. If approved, […]

Shellie Zimmerman is a free woman. The wife of accused killed, George Zimmerman, was released from the John E. Polk Correctional Facility Tuesday (June 12) after posting $1,000 bail, 30 minutes after she arrived . 

A Florida judge revoked George Zimmerman’s bail Friday (June 1), after prosecutors filed a motion to have him  thrown back in jail. According to reports, Zimmerman’s wife lied at about being aware of the financial support he received from a website created before he turned himself in to face second-degree murder charges, in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman’s relationship with the Sanford Police Department predates the night that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was taken into custody after committing the murder but was released without so much as a slap on the wrist, and according to newly released video, the 28-year-old was treated like anything but a criminal.

As more details surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin continue to be made public, prosecutors in the case against accused killer George Zimmerman are asking that certain documents be sealed.