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Inwhat has been a too long time coming for his dozens of accusers, Bill Cosby was charged today (Dec. 30) with sexual assault (aggravated indecent assault) in Pennsylvania. The 78-year-old and thoroughly disgraced comedian was granted $1M bail. 

Bill Cosby has been charged in a 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee. A Pennsylvania D.A. formally charged him with felony aggravated incident assault Wednesday (Dec. 30) morning, Buzzfeed reports. 

Bill Cosby‘s lawyers are getting busier. The disgraced comedian is suing Beverly Johnson for defamation, saying her claims that he once drugged her are false.

Released court document from a 2005 civil lawsuit against Bill Cosby have been a “devastating blow” to his reputation,” his lawyers argue. Cosby’s legal counsel filed papers Wednesday requesting that the documents released over the summer, be resealed.

On your television screen, the family of Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable represented a shining beacon of Black excellence.

The media pile on in regards to Bill Cosby and the multitude of women he allegedly sexually assault isn’t letting up anytime soon. Case in point, 27 accusers will be interviewed by NBC’s Dateline at the same damn time. 

Kenan Thompson got up close and personal with beleaguered entertainer Bill Cosby on the set of the 2004 remake of Fat Albert. The Saturday Night Live cast member sat down with Late Night with Seth Meyers where he shared a story of when Cosby gave him some rather creepy advice on how to handle groupies.

Bill Cosby‘s legal woes continue to mount after three more women came forward Wednesday with claims that they too were sexually assaulted by the entertainer. The graphic details of the assaults were on full display at a Los Angeles news conference, with one woman stating Cosby brutally sodomized her and said he “blessed” her with […]

Bil Cosby‘s legal woes seem to mount by the day, and a judge in Los Angeles has added to that pile. Cosby was ordered to give a sworn deposition in a lawsuit regarding a 1974 case where it is alleged he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl at the Playboy Mansion.

Bill Cosby hasn’t said much after New York magazine dropped the hammer on his legacy thanks to a cover story that featured the stories of 35 of the 49 women who have accused the comedian of sexual assault. However, he did hire a lawyer named Monique Pressley, who happens to be a Black woman, to cop […]

Bill Cosby‘s week is off to an epically terrible start. New York magazine featured 35 of the comedian and accused rapist’s alleged victims in its latest issue and the New York Daily News threw salt on the wound by making him a cover star, too. 

Bill Cosby‘s legal woes worsened with the release of a 2005 deposition where the accused sexual predator appeared to have admitted to using drugs to bed women against their will. Although the lawsuit was settled in 2006, Cosby’s legal team says the partial release of the formerly sealed deposition has damaged their client’s case.