While white conservatives like Ron DeSantis are on a mission to whitewash and completely erase Black history from schools, Jesse Williams is countering their efforts in a unique, fun way.

Rev. Al Sharpton led a protest in Florida on Wednesday (Feb. 15) aimed at criticizing the state's racist erasure of Black history.


The Las Vegas Raiders made history on Thursday as they announced the hiring of Sandra Douglass Morgan to be their team president. Morgan is the first Black woman to ever have that title in the National Football League.

Via the hashtag #BlackHistoryMonth, folks are kicking off the month-long celebration with passion and pride as expected.

Harris also owns the distinction of becoming the first Black woman inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame with the class of 1992.

On Twitter, many are celebrating the author and anthropologist on what would have been her 130th birthday.

The Louisiana native and budding basketball player set the Internet ablaze after the news of her historic feat went wide.<


A veteran charges the organizers of the Memorial Day event he spoke at with silencing him for speaking the truth about the history of Black Civil War soldiers who helped to create the tradition.

As the nation joins together to remember the droves of accomplishments made by Black people, we look back to 1915 where the roots of the celebration were first formed.

Tuesday (Jan.26), as part of its celebration of Black History Month, Apple unveiled a limited edition "Black Unity" Apple Watch. The smartwatch will be a part of Apple's Black Unity Collection of products.

While there remains some debate surrounding the origin of Hip-Hop music and culture, the term itself has many claims on its name and we'll examine that in full below.

Chisholm was the first Black U.S. congresswoman among other firsts connected to her 1972 presidential run.