BrandUn DeShay

Pro Era returns with a visual for “School High,” one of the more playful jams from their 2012 mixtape PEEP: The aPROcalypse. A certain leafy green plant was the motivation behind the cut, driven by smooth percussion and keys from the track’s sample, “Sometimes” by Bilal.

The past few years, media has placed a scope on the new West Coast movement being spearheaded by a myriad of Southern California MCs, including its most recent diaper dandy Kendrick Lamar. Somewhere along the line, Northern California has been disassociated with the budding movement, and while NoCal greatly differs from its southern counterpart, they […]

Producer-rapper BrandUn DeShay(Curren$y, Mac Miller, Dom Kennedy), sits down with TDK to talk about his inspiration, his declaration for 2012 and his defining moment.