Breaking Bad

Fans won’t be able to let go of Breaking Bad anytime soon so Aaron Paul has found a way to insert a little Jesse Pinkman into every iPhone across the globe. Unlike U2 however, this should be something that many who choose to download his free Yeah Bitch app amusing.

A Florida mom recently got her wish by forcing Toys R Us to remove all their Breaking Bad figures from shelves.

Toys for young boys have long contained suggestive themes for kids who played with them, but one mother is campaigning that the Breaking Bad action figures that Toys R Us is selling has crossed the line.

Walter White went from teacher to drug dealer in the land of pulp fiction but Macphallen Kuwale was seriously bout that life.

Life often imitates art and a few drug dealers in the Four Corners region of New Mexico have ultimately been inspired by Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

A television pilot has the power to make or break a network and its cast. These 15 single episodes broke the mold and went on to change TV history.

Actor Giancarlo Esposito is the latest of many minorities to have become the focus of racial profiling by the NYPD. Esposito, who co-starred on the cable series Breaking Bad, revealed in an interview that he was frisked by NYPD officers while leaving a theater where he was in rehearsals for a play.